Testing, Audit

Manage operational risks and reduce future support costs. Optimize and rectify site frontend, find and fix backend pits and holes.

We do both frontend and backend website source code quality review for better frontend optimization possibilities, illogical function uses, security breaches, internal code and database optimization possibilities, speed and memory usage tips, critical component location, data validation and of course for overall code style standards. Using Whitebox (code review) and Blackbox (penetration tests) available capacities.

While auditing application, we identify all aspects separately in each component, and together with entire program, manually and using automation tools. Every aspect is checked, bench-marked and audited by appropriate experienced expert.

Final report includes all found aspects with risk statuses and recommendations on how to improve service or fix totally if possible.

Since we do test all of our projects, we can offer a wide range of capabilities of testing your website or system.


E-mail: info@devp.eu
Phone: LV +371 29662045
Phone: DE +49 15171220155

Legal Info

Company: SIA DEVP
Reg. number: 40103681880
Address: Viršu iela 4 - 4, Rīga, LV-1035
Bank: AS Swedbank
Account: LV51HABA0551036721941

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