Our interest is in following cases:

Startups - we can provide unique knowlendge of our team, research and technical development by our efforts. We expect to receive share of new business.
E-commerce - in exchange for appropriate percentage of sales proffit, we can provide full-featured online solution for your business.

For any other online or offline business such as real estate, job agencies, hostels, law and legislation agencies, private specialists, repair services, building, logistics, education or courses, finance services, etc., investment solution can probably be found. Our partners and ourselves are interested in long-term investments in profitable sectors.
For example, real estate sales - we can create modern website with required functionality or any other related tech services in exchange for a building, land or other property share.
Another example is for hostel. We can supply hostel with website and intranet ERP or CRM solution, automatization tools, all for percentage of proffit.
Finally we can invest with usual money.


Phone: LV +371 29662045
Phone: DE +49 15171220155

Legal Info

Company: SIA DEVP
Reg. number: 40103681880
Address: Viršu iela 4 - 4, Rīga, LV-1035
Bank: AS Swedbank
Account: LV51HABA0551036721941

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BSI Global Group
Vivax Communications Group
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